Cira South -The Grove Update

Last night I learned that a good buddy of mine, Rob to the Brown, knew about this website and shared the same keen interest I do in the overall Cira South project. I’ll probably continue to update this development often since I think this project will have such a huge impact on the surrounding area (READ: Like Rob, I’m a bit obsessed w/ CS).

With 30th street station, Penn Park and the Schuylkill Banks only 1-2 blocks away, this location is already stacked for success. Add in a rooftop pool over 300 feet in the air with a sick skyline view and this building will become a really fun place to call home. Who knows, maybe this will be Philly’s version of the SOHO House.

These images were all taken today by BuildingPhilly.com:





Meanwhile back at 30th and Walnut and the next phase of Cira South. You can see actually see the North East corner of Penn Park in the background under the bridge.



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