The New Penn’s Landing Great Lawn

At a fraction of the cost of Boston’s ‘Big Dig’, recent visions of the new Penn’s Landing have many Philly lovers drooling. Above is an image from Plan Philly showing what Center City’s front yard could look like.

Stretching 8 acres, from Chestnut & Front across to Walnut and then east to the Delaware River, this park would certainly become a huge landmark in the city of brotherly love.


Above is an Apple iPhone rendering from imaps showing what things look like today. Yes, we know it looks weird.

Click on the image (courtesy Plan Philly) to get a closer look.


As Plan Philly points out, this project would cost hundreds of millions to build but the actual architecture and construction isn’t that challenging. In essence the project is the same as building a large and unconventionally shaped bridge. There would certainly be enormous dividends that would come from a project like this one: temporary construction jobs, permanent maintenance jobs, increased restaurants, property values and tourism. That being said, we’ll leave it to the economists to figure out if the price tag would justify the pay off. We have a hunch it would and would love to see this (or something like this) turn into reality.

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